Product Types

Being able of properly dose the immense variety of products present in the market requires a high degree of experience and specialization.

Each product has unique physical characteristics that require specific solutions to be dosed accurately. Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop a wide range of dosing systems capable of optimally handling each product and get the most efficient and accurate results, while maintaining intact the integrity of the product and always under the strictest sanitary conditions.

Attending to the physical nature of the products, there are essentially four main families that comprise the majority of products present in the market: Granules and free-flowing powders, fine / non-free flowing powders, liquids and viscous liquids.

Additionally, there is a broad and diverse group of products with very specific physical characteristics that require using specialized technical solutions to be handled. These are included in the category of specific products.

IMAR has the most appropriate technical solution for each category.

All our packaging machines, either for sachets or stick-packs, can be equipped with the system that best suits the characteristics of each product, allowing us providing our Customers with the most suitable packaging solution for each project.

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