Efficiency concentrate

Versatility and simplicity are the qualities that best define the DIPACK model.

This machine, intended to produce 4-side sealed sachets, is the ideal piece of equipment for those projects demanding efficiency, an user-friendly system, low maintenance, and where maximum production is not the main target.

The DIPACK model concentrates all our experience and proven quality in a quite compact packaging equipment, without compromising build quality and the latest technology that it integrates.

The DIPACK family is produced as standard with a chassis made entirely of stainless steel AISI-304 and motorized transmission. The PLC, the touch-screen panel, and the automatic print centering by photocell are also components that the DIPACK includes as standard.

Same as with all our packaging machines, the DIPACK family can be equipped with any of the several dosing systems available in our catalog in order to pack any kind of product required.

Technical Specifications

  Noise level <70 dB  
  Power consumption 6 KW/h  
  Compressed air consumption 100 l/min  
  Lanes 2 a 5  
  Output per lane Up to 160  
  Max. usable sealing width 130 mm  
  Sachet size

Min. length: 40 mm. No length limit
Min. width: 25 / Max. width: 65 mm


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